Breach Management

RealDPG enables users to manage and document any type of data breach that occurs. The built-in Data Breach Management Module allows logging and documenting facts, evidence, and analytics. This “data breach register” builds a solid events-base that is useful to many stakeholders such as the legal department and Data Protection Officer. By using this module, accountability towards the supervising authority and other stakeholders can be ensured.

Rights Management

RealDPG allows you to react to, and handle Data Subject rights requests in an organized manner. Document everything you need, from the original request and the assessment of it, to the answer provided to the data subject. The assessment, documentation, and communications can be stored within this module to ensure accountability towards supervising authorities and other stakeholders.

The processing registers

RealDPG features a built-in data processing register where each processing can be documented in the whished and needed detail. RealDPG guides its users through the documentation process and helps them analyze their data processing operations.

RealDPG allow “vertical” data processing documentation, meaning that the entire processing si documented in ONE unambiguous place. The risk assessment modules reuse the information automatically. The probability of mistakes are minimized while the benefit of low-maintenance is maximized.