About Us

We want to contribute to a safer world by efficient and effective governance. We believe that organisations that dedicate high priority to corporate governance are the ones that make the difference. Governance, in our eyes, drives business. 

Organisations operate in a business-world filled with opportunities but also permeated with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguousness (VUCA). We see resilience and compliance as a business driver, proofing these are nowadays a prerequisite before entering business relations in many business sectors.

That is why we want to be a confirmed and seamless quality provider of governance, risk management and compliance by contributing to responsible man­agement and a safer world.

We do this by being co-creative and sharing all our experience with our clients. We pro­mote governance not as a technical matter, but as a true core business process.

Also, we believe that people make the difference and therefore, our – practical - tools bring people together concerning risk-subjects.