Business Continuity and ISO/IEC 22301

For many organisations, managing the risk to business continuity is a legal obligation.   For all corporates, being able to manage disruption means that impacts are under control to a best possible extent (humans, places, information technology, operations, finance, corporate reputation…) and that continuity of business is assured.

The world scale-adopted ISO22301 International Standard in business continuity specifies requirements to plan, establish, implement, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a documented Business Continuity Management System (“BCMS”) to protect organisations against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence (management of risk), prepare for, respond to, and recover from compromising events of all kinds.

RealBCP addresses the problem of the ability and agility of an organization to resist, organize and communicate while being confronted with an event, situation or evolution that affects normal business operations, corporate future and- image.

RealBCP provide a practical tooling and method to support adoption and compliance to this (and other) standard(s).