ORACLE interview of RealCGR

JAN RONSSE: How can Oracle Autonomous DB leverage the required level of security?

Well Jan, very concretely, our solutions are based on Oracle technology.  

This brings the possibility to build apps (our solutions) that offers the powerful possibilities of database technology.  Based on that, our solutions offer strong Business Intelligence and the possibility to use governance information in a full relational way. 


JAN RONSSE I you say, “our tools are integrated”, what does this means exactly?

Well Jan, this does very concretely mean that the client, when adopting the solution, gets an all-in-one, also called “one-stop” solution. 

With us, there are no extra modules to buy and so, the solution is complete as from the first time.  The solution also sends out the needed communication by SMS and mail, it has on board workflows, on-board tutorials and on top, there is a very high degree of self-parametrization, the client is in fact fully free to adopt and adapt the solution to its own real needs.


JAN RONSSE: What makes your solutions better than other offerings Marc? Why does a client want to adopt RealCGR?

Well Jan, we enable all stakeholders, users, builders, managers, auditors to get all benefits form the power of data.

Let me explain Jan, traditionally, resilience data was gathered for instance in Excel files…but doing (only) this is almost like just creating a cost with low outcomes in using the data.  We actually see that this data is really used in the context of business & resilience intelligence, data culture, data value.  On top, all data is at hand when you really need it: during a crisis.

Again Jan, we see that offering a one-stop solution yields great benefits for the clients.  I ‘ll give an example: the client always gets the newest release of the tooling’s and Services are included. 

On top, we are co-creative people.  This means that we listen and hear the client’s needs and see to tweak our solutions exactly to their demands.

For the governance people and the risk-managers in the room Jan, let me just quickly say that Adopting RealBCP, Jan, offers up to 90% of direct compliance to the ISO22301 Standard on business continuity.  This is a strong fundament to what is asked in NIS and also GDPR.  Using RealBCP is the perfect basis for ISO27001 compliance since we collect all info that can serve as a basis for many items in ISO27001.  PS ISO27001 is a world-class standard for the managing of information security.

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