Our story - RealCGR

When we asked ourselves who our clients are, we made a parallel to a fairytale.
We concluded that our client is a Knight on a treasure-quest to protect his castle.
Honorable to look up to, honorable to serve.

After a long search for the treasure, the Knight realized that his quest was not about
the treasure. We realized it is not about our solutions.

It is about the assurance the treasure exists and the certainty to effectively seize it.
The certainty of that success is in fact the Knight’s very quest.
Real world and fairytale may very well go together. The story may be more than just
a story…namely a vision built along years of field experience, turned into a concise
offering of a cloud-based continuity platform.

We are eager and honored to help and share all our knowledge and experience.
We would be honored to serve you on our common quest to enabling resilience
and protecting values.