Resilient Cities

Cities are the social and spatial framework for most people’s lives. (As the British Standards Institutions states in the introduction of its BS67000:2019 - City resilience guide).

This concentration of people, infrastructure, businesses and institutions creates a focal point for risks and opportunities. When shocks occur, they disrupt the continuity of services that most people take for granted.  (…)

We are living in an increasingly dynamic and changing world and cities are increasingly complex places that demand an ever more proactive and integrated approach to resilience which transcends departmental and organizational boundaries and embraces a comprehensive understanding and evidence base.

Traditionally, resilience has been addressed through managing relatively short-term, acute risks through security and emergency response and recovery. However, this foundation needs to be built upon with a broader, proactive approach that enables cities not just to survive but to thrive.

Cities and any governmental organisation, to be resilient, need to assure the ability to manage shocks and continue through disruption.

More resilient cities are better able to realize their strategic ambitions through protecting their critical resources, creating and sustaining opportunities for enterprise, and empowering individuals, communities and places to adapt and prosper.

City resilience is vital for protecting, sustaining and enhancing economic, social, physical and environmental value.

A comprehensive approach to city resilience can provide a common platform and shared understanding for adapting to a dynamic environment, empowering local government, businesses, service providers, citizens and communities around a common goal.

Our way of contributing lays in the persuasion that solid governance can contribute to successful resilience.  If a city sees its services to clients as “business processes”, a solid resilience can be built and documented in a business continuity management system. (RealBCP).  The same reasoning goes for personal data, manageable via RealDPG.