Returning to a 'new normal' - COVID19

There is very probably nothing like a ‘return to the (old) normal’ and we therefore need to face and deal with some kind of ‘new normal’. Organisations need to make themselves ready for future ‘phase outs’ and ‘phase ins’ into lock-down measures. This is the ‘new normal… Constantly assure readiness, doing the right thing in the right way and embed real resilience INTO business processes, defined, prepared and fully understood.. A checklist helps to take needed steps, protect business & stakeholders and to assure a stable future

The checklist allows you to keep track of already implemented measures and those still to be implemented. Or it may just bring up new ideas.

We are happy to share the full-detail checklist in Excel-format with you in English, French or Dutch by simple demand via mail on

The checklist covers the following domains: People, Premises, ICT Services, Third Parties, Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Communication, Business Resilience and GDPR.