• Expo 2020 Dubai

    We, RealCGR, are proud of participating in the great Belgian contribution to the world’s flagship event, Expo 2020 Dubai, as we have been chosen to ensure the Belgian Pavilion’s resilience and data protection.
  • Link between GDPR & BCM

    GDPR and business continuity are undoubtfully connected management domains. Indeed, any adverse event that is dealt with in a business continuity context, can be the cause of a data breach too. Many articles in the GDPR show this relation, like for instance article 32 stating the obligation to manage the availability of personal data.
  • Blockchain and Governance

    What is "Blockchain" and What makes blockchain so special? Why do companies and governments want to use this technology? What are the future options? What are the consequences in terms of Governance? A whole series of questions that we would like to clarify for you.
  • NIS Directive and BCM

    The legislation mainly applies to “Essential Service Providers” (“ESP’s”) as well as Digital service providers. These service providers (to be designated by the countries’ authorities) will also need to be compliant. Europe is aiming for a high and common level of security of network and information systems for all ESP’s because they are so important for the security and economy of a country.