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This website and privacy policy that relates to it, is managed by Ucaris, an European-Belgium-based limited responsibility company. This company is legal holder of  internationally registered names and trademarks “REALCGR”, "RealBCP" and "RealDPG".  All questions, demands, remarks can be addressed to

When you visit our website, we want your experience to be optimal and representative for the professionalism of our services.

For this reason, we use cookie- and related, comparable technologies.

To us, the device from which you are viewing this website and all information and logics that are stored on this device, is a fully personal matter.  It is our persuasion that you should and shall remain in full control of your device and be able to decide what happens on it.  To us, this is a fundamental principle.

On top, cookies and related techniques are (or can in some cases be) seen as ”personal data".   In the context of the above as also for reasons of applying legislation the best way we can, we hereby inform you on how to accept or refuse cookies on our website.

A "cookie" is a small file (see it as a text-file or a "mini-code") that is stored temporarily on your computer (or any browser-installed device).  The website that you visit actually runs the logics to do so, when you accept the use of it.

Cookies help building a good visitor's experience for next visits like for instance selecting a right language or remembering a login-name.

Of course, the provider of the website also gets advantages.  This is the case when using the so called "marketing-cookies".

There are several websites available for more guidance. The website is one of them.

...cookies have an expiration date
How long they remain on your device is how they were designed to stay there.  Cookies used on our website remain, until you "clean" your browser history.  Please visit your browser's "tools/options" or "preferences" to manage the use and wiping of cookies.  These tools are foreseen by all popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari....

Essential and functional cookies
These cookies optimise your visitor's experience for instance by "remembering" your preferences, languages setting etc.

Essential an functional cookies are cookies that "come together with" the website itself.  For example, these make certain that one stays logged-in when one switches between pages, that the content of a shopping-basket is kept, that languages and preferences are kept. As the term says, they are "essential" and "functional" to your website visit.

 Analytical cookies
RealCGR strives for continuous improvement of not only our service but also the user-friendliness of our website. Analytical cookies provide us with insight into your surfing behavior. This enables us to acquire more knowledge and continuously make our site more customer friendly.

Where does the name "cookie" come from?
The word "cookie" refers to the "Chinese Fortune cookie”, a cookie in which a small text is hidden on a small paper.

When you accept cookies, you are able to visit our website in its full functionality.  Know that...

  • You have total freedom to accept or refuse.
  • Refusing the cookies does not result in any fundamental or negative consequence during your website-visit
  • The acceptance is "specific" and is about optimizing your visitors experience.  For us it makes possible to gain visitor statistics.  
  • Your acceptance is "informed" meaning that, you should and shall have received all needed information that you need to make a conscious decision.
  • Your consent or rejection is indisputable meaning that your choice will be technically enforced.  "Not making a choice" will by no means equate an "accepted by default".  In other words, you need to make a choice before you can visit the actual webpages.

You can always disable the use of cookies or revoke choices that you have made before.

The proposed cookies are not designed to trace or link directly or indirectly to any individual, personal data.  We do not use any "fingerprinting" technology like the "reading" of parameters of your system, this could lead to a form of direct or indirect individualization.  Doing so would involve more specific consent of you and is in addition useless to us.

We see to keep our cookie policies updated and conform to legislation.  Therefore, we may adapt policies.  We never do this without clearly mentioning the changes and ask you for consent when needed. Address any question regarding the cookie policy to