RealCRC is a smart communications tool, enabling coordination of crisis stakeholders and facilitating emergency situations.

RealCRC is more than just a “mass notification tool” it is a “smart notification tool” providing many features and possibilities to manage a crisis well. RealCRC enables coordination of crisis stakeholders and facilitating emergency situations and lets your organisation communicate from an entire group of personnel to even an individual person, all this based on preferred communications-channels, locations, and notable skills of people, etc.

But it goes much further than the classic SMS-module. With an info hotline, an incident management module, news feeds, live reporting and statistics, your organisation is ready to cope with even the most complex crises.

RealCRC is even equipped with a lone worker module which enables you to quickly notice wounded employees or employees in distress. This module co-operates with the location profile to locate the employee and handle the crisis as quickly and professionally as possible, without wasting any precious time.

The tool integrates with all major IoT protocols and devices, yielding the possibility to set-up the most advanced warning and notification mechanisms, from the data-room to hazardous environments, your organisation protects its employees and assets.

RealCRC is set up in a matter of hours, enabling your organisation to send out notifications, to the RIGHT people, using the RIGHT channels, and at the exact right time! We provide you with the right mix of services going from implementation to assistance in crisis communication setup.